Thursday, June 5, 2008

Musing about Maintenance

For those on Weight Watchers, you know that after you achieve goal, you're put on Maintenance for six weeks. At the end of those six weeks if you are no more than 2 lbs above your goal weight, you're awarded Lifetime status. The six weeks are meant to take your body out of losing mode and into maintaining mode. I'm told it takes a bit of trial and error to get your daily points right.

However, as I've mentioned before, I didn't think I'd be ready for Maintenance. I'm not so sure now. Originally, I thought I'd like to meet my personal goal first. I'd still like to get into the 120s, lower my BMI more, and basically make a bit of goal weight breathing room.

That said, I'm starting to think I'm missing an opportunity to do this the way it was meant to be done. Learn the lessons of Maintenance before being awarded Lifetime. It seems more right to do it this way. I've been losing for so long, a break might be what I need to get used to the smaller me. Especially because my mind hasn't quite caught up yet with all the changes in my body.

I guess I'm just worried that my personal goal might be sidelined. If I don't act on it now, will I still feel like doing it in six weeks?

I'm going to ruminate a bit more and get through this week. Come Saturday, I'll try and make a decision. And if anyone has advice to share, I'd love to hear it :)

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Life At 40 said...

follow your heart on it