Saturday, June 14, 2008

Pampering yourself

The meeting topic today deserved a post of its own. It was about rewards and pampering. In groups, we had to each come up with three things we like to pamper ourselves with. That was a lot of fun. Being good to yourself is so worthwhile and creates lasting rewards. Like the circle I mentioned in my previous post, making yourself feel worthwhile makes you feel like someone who's worth taking care of.

If you don't normally pamper yourself or haven't for awhile, I challenge you this week to do one thing just for you. Tiny Trim is giving you permission. You deserve it and you're worth it.

Stuck for ideas? Here's a few that came out of the meeting and some of my own, too:

  • Books: buy a new one or pick up an old favourite, sit in the sun (or shade) and read.
  • Get outdoors: go for a walk in a favourite place like the beach, a park, or even the mall.
  • Bubble bath: it's cliche but don't under-estimate the power of a long hot sudsy soak. Trashy romance optional.
  • Spa: you don't have to go the whole day; even one service is enough to make you feel good.
  • Retail therapy: buy a new summer accessory (a beach tote, necklace, sunglasses) or just go window shopping
  • Gardening: dig around in a garden store or in your own garden
  • Home spa evening: lots of inexpensive pampering can be found at the drugstore. Look for facial masks, cleansers, foot pampering tools (scrubs, brushes, cremes), deep hair conditioners, scented bath salts, hand lotion, nail polish, etc. Buy two or three new products and make an evening of it. Drink Perrier in a wine glass and pretend you're at a posh spa.
  • Try a new recipe: I know food isn't supposed to be a reward but sometimes it's fun to get out of the rut and try a new healthy recipe.

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Julie said...

I think I need to take some of these suggestions and pamper myself!