Saturday, June 21, 2008

Seventy-second Weigh-in

I'm down 1.2 lbs and back to where I was at goal. It's been three weeks since goal and as you can tell I haven't done anything about Maintenance. I'm a little lost, to tell the truth. I've had more than a few bad eating choices. Ah, how I wish the stories about life after goal were not true. It is hard. I still keep scrabbling back on the wagon so that's something at least.

I did receive some encouraging news though that's made me feel better. A couple of my husband's acquaintances through work lost weight using Weight Watchers and have been very successful at keeping it off. Though I know many people over on the forums have been successful, it still really helps to know someone close at hand who's done it. It's an uplifting thought.


Irene said...

I am looking forward to goal in a way, and not in others. I mean, how do we manage our weights once we are where we want to be.

me.vs.simple.carbs said...

Hi Tiny Trim,
Thought you would find this blog interesting - - its given me lots of food ideas and reminded me of the importance of whole grains. Plus she has maintained weight loss.

Julie said...

I think you are doing great at trying to maintain. I know it's got to be hard but I think you are heading into the right path.