Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's business time

I think I might've killed Mr. Trim with baby making. This is to explain my absence for the last week or so. Poor guy. He's really quite tired, hehe.

In other news, I think I might've lost more weight this week despite not exercising at all. I've been feeling rundown and tired and generally like I've been fighting a bug. I gave myself the week off to try and get better. We'll see what the official scale brings on Saturday. I may need to add yet another point to my daily allowance.

Also, Weight Watchers called me about working for them. There were some positions that opened up that would've fit my availability. Unfortunately, I had to decline. Full baby-making hadn't started when I first applied. Now that it has, I didn't think it'd be fair to them to put me through training when it was possible I'd either have to quit or take a leave of absence.

I'm still very grateful and pleased they even gave me a chance! I was told that if things changed for me, to give them a call.

Lastly, I'll be going on vacation soon. The next two days are filled with weddings, Sunday I'll be packing, and Monday I'm going to Disneyland for five days! Whoohoo!

I'll still try to post my weigh-in on Saturday. I'll also try to get some posts pre-written for the auto TrimBot to post in my absence. That may or may not happen as it's gearing up for quite the busy weekend. Speaking of which...yoohooo, Mr. Trim, can I see you for a moment? *hubbahubba*

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Heather said...

you're too funny!

I think baby making is plenty of exercise, and much more fun than going to the gym!