Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Ring toss

My rings have been going through phases during the weight loss journey. They'll be loose, tight or just right, almost as if the fat in my fingers has been shifting around my body trying to find a spot to hide. I did start to wear my engagement ring on my right hand as a precautionary measure but neither it or my wedding ring ever got to the point where they would slide off on their own.

But this morning, just as I was reaching for something on my desk, my wedding ring slid right off. I put it back on and found it stayed on, but just barely. I thought, "Gee, that's cool!" and then I had the idea of moving my engagement ring back over to see how it fits now. Well, my engagement ring falls right off now. Unlike my wedding ring, there's no slight resistance, it slides right off.

It's funny. I was just thinking that I was fortunate not to have lost any of my rings during this year's Thanksgiving preparations. The last time I lost weight two years ago, I lost my wedding ring when I was stuffing the turkey. Fortunately, it didn't fall in the cavity, but it was lost for a good hour before I found it in a kitchen corner.

Lest I lose my rings again, I've moved them both over to my right hand where they're still a bit loose but at least they won't go anywhere!