Monday, December 3, 2007

The little black dress continued

Thanks everyone for casting your votes! I like "A" the most, too. However, I should've checked inventory before setting my heart on it. All they have left is red and a size 8. Boo! I did visit my local Sears to see if they had anything similar and had no luck. All the nice looking dresses are sleeveless which is a pity*.

I'm hoping that I'll get better soon and can make it out to a mall. Right now I'm so dead tired I can hardly make it through the day.

* Call me old fashioned, but I just hate going sleeveless. Not only do my underarm bulges hang out, but going sleeveless means something much much worse: having to buy a suitable bra to go with it. I know plenty of people would say "so what?" If it weren't for the fact that I despise bra shopping, I'd agree with them. But no...I loathe bra shopping with the very fibre of my being. I'd rather be strapped to a chair and forced to listen to "achy breaky heart" over and over again than go bra shopping.

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amma15 said...

In my college days I worked at BEBE so I do know a thing or 2 about fashion and I personally like D better than A, the fit and cut is more flattering.

I don't blame you on the not going sleeveless, I've seen "thin" women look bigger than they are because they wore a sleeveless dress and it brought alot of attention to their rather flabby-sleeveless just isn't for everyone.