Monday, December 31, 2007

Year in review: the top ten things learned or earned

Today being the last day of 2007, I thought I'd spend some time reflecting on the things I've learned this year and on the victories I've achieved. So here's my top-ten, in no particular order.
  1. Life has more zest when you don't have fifty extra pounds to lug around.
  2. I can achieve goals I set for myself.
  3. I walked a half-marathon.
  4. Pantyhose is still difficult to put on.
  5. I no longer have to shop in plus-sized stores.
  6. I learned to take pride in myself again.
  7. Rum is not my friend.
  8. Healthy food can be filling AND tasty.
  9. I crave Kraft Dinner when I'm sick.
  10. I wouldn't be where I am today without the support of my husband as well as my online friends. Without the kind words, the help, the gentle remonstrations and suggestions, I'd be lost somewhere in Denmark, looking for a vending machine full of chips and chocolate. I love you all!
Okay, so now it's your turn! Post your top ten on your blog, I'd love to read it!

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Wheebs said...

Nice list :). It's good to look back on what you've learned over the year!