Friday, February 23, 2007

Cornflakes ≠ KFC

In my quest to obtain the holy grail - crispy low-fat chicken - I discovered that cornflakes do not KFC make. Indeed, skinless chicken breaded with cornflakes tastes like....well, chicken and cornflakes. Crispy, yes. Crunchy tasty and flavourful? No.

I could spend time trying to tweak the recipe I used, but why should I? After receiving some advice from the boards, I've decided that the next time I hear "the call," I'll just plan to use some weekly allowance points to get the real deal.

The more I'm on WeightWatchers, the more I'm loving this plan. In my past diet attempts, I was always feeling restricted and guilty for craving "bad" things. With WeightWatcher's way of living, I can have those things, just in moderation and not all the time. So that bucket of KFC becomes one chicken wing and the cornflakes get to stay where they belong: in my cereal bowl.

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