Monday, February 19, 2007

That'll do

I finally got out for a 10 minute walk around the block during lunch. I borrowed my coworker's snazzy wood-handled umbrella which made for a really nice outing in the rain. I think I might consider getting a similar one as a "5 lbs lost" treat.

Knowing why I had been neglecting my lunch hour walk really helped me getting out there. Since starting the plan, I bring my own lunches now. And because I bring my own lunches, I actually sit in the breakroom to eat instead of at my desk. Plus, a little part of me was saying "Now that you're eating healthy it's not as important to get out for a walk." Bzzzzt. Wrongo. They really ought to outlaw little voices that dole out bad advice.

So today I decided that instead of eating lunch and reading the newspaper for the rest of my break, I'd go out for a walk as soon as I finished eating. That worked well, but I think next time I might walk first then eat. A cup of soup in the belly makes for a heavy walk.

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