Monday, February 19, 2007

Non-scale Victory

I confess, I'm a scale addict. I'll weigh myself every morning. Even though I know I shouldn't, have read that I shouldn't, have experienced that mysterious weight gain/loss within only a matter of hours....I still weigh myself constantly. Sometimes more than once a day, especially if it's close to weigh-in.

Well, this morning I resisted the urge. That's gotta be a non-scale victory without question ;)

In other news, I ordered a 3-pack "Walk Away the Pounds" DVD after reading a number of good reviews on the boards. Guilty's one of those things that you see infomercials for. True, I didn't know that until I found the product on, but I ordered it anyways. I try to avoid "as seen on TV" products but confess sometimes it's a guilty pleasure to fall for the pitch.

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