Saturday, February 24, 2007

Third weigh-in

This morning I went to my third weigh-in. 1.2 lbs down! Whoo! I might not be like those people who proudly state that they've lost 7 pounds in one week, but at least I'm losing at a steady rate. Plus, I'm looking forward to NOT losing great handfuls of hair in three or four months like that last diet attempt. Who knew that losing weight so quickly means your hair might fall out in clumps down the road?

Just because I can, I'm going to start adding one of those weight loss tickers to my weigh-in posts. I decided on this combo because I like the idea of a hula dancer battling her way through shoulder-high grass to victory. 184 isn't my ultimate goal weight; it's my 10% goal which seems much more attainable :)

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Jenera Healy said...

Good job on the loss! That is fabulous! Also remember that by losing it slower but consistently you can almost guarantee you'll be able to keep it off better.

And I love the idea with the ticker. Mine shows my total goal weight loss and at times it can be depressing.

Did you know too there are tickers that you can use to keep track of other things like water intake, exercise or whatever you want? I think it's on Ticker Central but I could be wrong.

Keep up the good work!