Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Hello World

One of the first things my teacher taught us in HTML 101 was how to make a "Hello World" web page. Although I've come a long ways since those days, I cannot help but think of it as I write this, my first ever blog post.

So who am I? Why should you care? Well...I've no idea what to tell you. Except perhaps tell you who I am and why I've made this blog.

In short: I'm overweight and technologically saavy. It's a dangerous combination. Read on for more boring details.

After years of weight gain and two diet attempts, I'm at it again. How'd I get here? I love food. I hate vegetables. I'm not so hot at exercising. Add to that a prescription medication that has weight gain as a side affect and well, I can't say that I'm surprised at how things turned out.

What's different this time? I want a family. My weight is a very large obstacle to that. Plus, I really really really hate shopping at Penningtons.

Well, why a blog? After joining Weight Watchers (for the second time) last Saturday, I discovered the web page of a lady named Crispy. Crispy cataloged all of her small victories on her weight loss journey. It was so inspiring, I read every single one of them in one sitting. And then I started to think, "Hey, you should do the same!"

So here it is. The start of a journal about small victories on the way to my ultimate weight loss goal.

Hello World, I'm TinyTrim. Now pass me some doughnuts carrot sticks.

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