Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Goodbye Penningtons

I had always thought that when this day came, it'd be much more momentous. That I'd walk into Penningtons, try on an "X" and find it too loose. I'd shed a tear of happiness and perhaps sadness before bidding adieu to my faithful plus-size store and galloping off to a smaller-size store in the peachy glow of sunset.

Instead, this day came quietly as I was researching clothing conversion charts. I had been trying on clothes at the Bay this evening, trying to find suitable clothes for a wedding when I started getting curious as to how letter sizes translated to number sizes. I went home, fired up the internet and found myself a conversion chart.

The "large" shirt I tried on was a size 12. The skirt I tried on was also a size 12. Both fit perfectly. And, as I was contemplating the conversion chart, two realizations hit. I used to be a size 20 and Penningtons only carries 14+.

This means I no longer have to shop at Penningtons. Or Addition Elle. Or the "Above Average" section of department stores. Or any other "Women's" sections for that matter.

I used to say that I hated shopping at Penningtons and the like. But now that I'm officially into new clothing territory, I can't help but think with fondness and gratitude that there are stores like Penningtons. Being able to find nice clothes in my size meant a world to me though I felt shameful to admit it.

So, farewell Penningtons. May you prosper and may you always help women feel good about themselves.


TheLibertine said...

congrats! I cannot wait for that day, momentous or not!Although I don't shop at Pennington's (I don't like it) - I definitely don't shop in "Normal Size" stores - as much as size should bother me, what really bothers me is the lack of style offered at plus size stores, and the extreme cost difference. I'll be happy to shop in regular stores for the selection, and the price! major NSV for you!~

Dee said...

Wow! Congratulations!! That's the dream isn't it? Being able to shop in a "normal" store! I'm no where near there yet...but I will be!

Jenera Healy said...

No matter where you go from here, you've made major accomplishments. That too is one of my major goals-not to have to shop in the fat girl store.

Congrats to you!!!

angelafurniss said...

Congrats on getting there! i am hovering right around there too. Most of the stuff in the plus sizes is too big. Time to say farewell to old favorites and hello to new stores!

Lynn said...

This is one of the NSV that I'm looking forward to the most! Congrats to you for getting this far in your journey! Look out Malls of Canada, here you come!!

You are right's great to have stores that provide nice clothes for larger sizes. I'd be lost without Reitmans Encore, Addition Elle or Penningtons, I'd always be wearing dbf's boy stuff :)

Sonya said...

Awe...that was a great blog entry.