Friday, August 31, 2007

New jeans = awesome

I bought some new jeans today and now I can't stop looking at my legs. The jeans were bought in a hurry (they were needed to avert a major wardrobe malfunction*) but dang if my legs don't look mighty fine in them. My legs are much thinner than I thought they were and I've been trying not to stare at them as I walk.

The jeans are dark-blue size 12 petites, just right for my short legs. They're also tighter than I would normally get which is why, combined with the narrow cut of the leg, I think they look so good. Normally, I'd just get something on the loose side because I'm all about comfort. But not this pair. This pair looks great. My legs look great! I don't know how long it's been since I've looked at my legs with admiration instead of disgust :) :) :)

* Desperate for pants this morning, I grabbed my old pre-WW jeans to wear to work. Though most of the day was spent hitching them up, the near critical meltdown came in the evening as I was walking in the mall. With each step, the waistband dipped lower and lower until it cleared a good three inches of underwear. I knew then that it was essential for me to buy new pants lest I get arrested by mall security for indecent exposure. It was a near thing, but a strategically placed hand on the hip with one finger slipped through a belt loop kept the whole thing from going horribly wrong.


Sonya said...

You make me laugh... I could just imagine you in the mall! lol..

How fantastic for you to get a great pair of jeans! You'll have to get more that flatter yourself that much...That's great! I always love getting new clothes and it's even more exciting when you get something smaller than before!

Congrats to you!

Jenera Healy said...

Feeling the success physically as well as seeing it must have put you into the best mood you have ever been in your life, huh?

Way to go!

Ro said...

Yay for shopping! Didn't it feel great to find a pair of jeans you like!! And size 12...yay for you!!