Friday, September 7, 2007

The Cupboard is Bare

I can hold off no longer. My wardrobe choices have dwindled to one pair of jeans and a few summer shirts. Everything else is either too big, too old, or too ratty. Even my shoes are needing replacement. The cheap barely year-old peeling-at-the-toe ratty black pleather shoes just don't seem to go with my new sense of self-esteem anymore.

So, this weekend I'm off to indulge in my most anticipated excursion of the year. Fall shopping for clothes. Squeak! I plan on buying as inexpensively as I can – after all, I'll be going through the same wardrobe replacement process in about half a year's time – but I'm not going to scrimp on the shoes.

Here's what I plan on getting:
  • Black leather shoes: good quality that'll last and go with just about anything.
  • Winter jacket: nice and warm for the skiing I plan on doing! If I can find an inexpensive fall jacket, I might get one of those, too.
  • Sweaters: as many as I can afford, I get so cold nowadays without my padding.
  • Long-sleeve shirts: pretty and professional for the office and grocery shopping. I must look good wherever I go!
  • Pants: two pair and again, for the office/glamorous grocery trips.
  • Underwear: and not in the two sizes too big I accidentally bought the last time.
  • PJs: you know your nightgown is too big for you when you bend forward and everyone can see everything from your bosom to your slippered feet.
  • Scarf: purely for frivolous reasons. Some people love shoes, I love scarves.
We'll see how much I can actually afford but it's always fun to dream! I plan on hitting all the stores with sales/inexpensive buys as well as some secondhand places.

Tonight I'm going to ruthlessly go through my closet and start a donation box. I'm going to keep those pre-WW jeans of mine (the ones that caused a near wardrobe malfunction the other day) as a memento though. There's a few sweaters that might pass muster, too. And I might even weed out my scarf collection. Everything else though? Donate, donate, donate!

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Sonya said...

Sounds like you're going to have a fantastic time shopping!

I can't wait to get new clothes myself!