Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New clothing = the key to better posture

In new clothing, I sit up straighter, I keep my stomach in. No, it's not because I've found a stronger sense of pride in myself. Instead, it's to keep from everything hanging out. Clothing which fits – being neither too big nor too small – has no room for slouching. None whatsoever. Take this lovely sweater I'm wearing today. One momentary lapse of control and it won't be pretty.

So take it from me, new clothing will help you sit up straighter. It'll also work your abs, too!

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Ro said...

I agree! I'm in a new dress shirt/blouse today and there is NO room for slouching! And have you ever caught your reflection in a window or mirror while you're at your desk slouching? For me it's not such an attractive sight!

Yay for new smaller clothes :-)