Thursday, July 17, 2008

New Product: Quaker 100 Calorie Bars

There's two new 100 calorie bars out in Canada now. Made by Quaker, they come in two varieties: Sweet & Salty (Almond) and Dipps (Chocolate Chip). Both bars are 2 points each and are similar in nutritional value. For the chocolate bar, it's 100 calories, 4g fat, and 1g fibre. The Sweet & Salty is the same, except it has 3.5g fat.

The taste? They're tasty. I will give them that. The sweet and salty is a nice mix and the dipped bar has a nice chocolaty coating. However as tasty as they are, I won't be buying them again.

One, they trigger my binge tendencies. I kept going back to the boxes and eating them. Two, they are unbelievably small and thin. The picture below just does not do justice to how small they are. That's a dessert plate, not a dinner plate. They're also less than half an inch thick.

These things are so small, it takes just four tiny bites to eat them (and even then that's stretching it). Because I like to get bang for my points values, these aren't worth it to me. I can think of lots of other things that I could spend those points on that are more filling, healthier, and don't cause me to inhale the whole box. That's the danger about tasty but excessively small snacks – it's too easy to eat lots of them.

But hey, if you don't mind the points values and trust yourself more than I do, it's worth trying if they're on sale.


cinemarie said...

I just clicked thanks to you - I just realized that bars like that are probably my 'binge tendencies' trigger (best way to put it...)!! You end up getting some of those because you think they are points friendly and they save you the trouble of preparing snacks all the time, but really you don't only eat one... ha! Thank you for that! :)

Julie said...

I just bought these too and was very disapointed in the their size. Yeah ok they are tasty but not 2 points tasty.They were expensive.

Anonymous said...

I'm 100% with you on the size equals more satisfaction approach LOL! Just a moment ago I was evaluating which bar to have with my fat free yogurt for a snack - and my Kashi bar (Chewy granola - Cherry Dark Chocolate) wins hands down! It's delicious and more satisfying - if only psychologically. I guess I'll stash the Quaker 100 Cal all separately - one in the car - for a very hungry drive home from work and one in the office for a very hungry 3pm snack time when I forget to pack fruit and or yogurt ;). Thank you for sharing your success and your findings they are very inspirations.

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone, I just came across this blog because my friend and I were trying to find out how many points these bars would be. We eat the Fibre 1 bars (oats and chocolate) they are tasty and a good size (no lie)- they have a few more calories but the fibre makes up for that and keeps them at 2 points.