Saturday, July 26, 2008

Seventy-seventh Weigh-in

Since I didn't make it into weigh-in this weekend, I'm reposting my chart from last week. Even still, I've been keeping an eye on my weight using my home scale and I appear have gained from last time.

I'm not sure the extra points are to blame; I've been feeling rather bloated and yick because of something unexpected I ingested* on Tuesday. The feeling is almost past, but I'm still not feeling quite normal yet. It's good that I'll have another week to get sorted out before a real weigh-in. And, as always, I know that when trying anything new (in my case, an extra point per day), you need to give it at least two weeks.

* I tried a new drink at Starbucks - a blended lemonade. I'd drunk about a quarter of it when I realized that it was filled with bits of unidentifiable plastic. Hurl! I took it back after work. Didn't get much satisfaction from the manager; she didn't seem to care much what it was or how it happened. I received only a refund of my drink for all the hassle. I did try a non-plastic laced lemonade later that week. It was good but much higher in points than I realized. PSA: it's 4 points for a Tall.

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cinemarie said...

Wow, some store managers really don't care!! ayaya!
Did you try the new Vivanno? It's great, it has a full banana in it, some milk and some whey protein... If I calculated right, I believe it's 4pts for a Grande!! (They only serve 1 size...) I had it for 'breakfast' a few times and it really keeps me from being hungry until lunch... :)