Friday, July 25, 2008

Quick Friday Update

I haven't posted a real update in a while, so here it is, point form!
  • Yoga: Still going, still really like it. There's a meditation/relaxation thing we do at the end on our backs; I've fallen asleep the last two times we did it. I hope I didn't snore.
  • 8k: I'm running an 8k race this weekend. It's the same one my friends and I did last year with our very own police escort. I'm looking forward to NOT repeating that experience, hehe.
  • Kayaking: Tomorrow I'm learning to kayak! This means I won't make it into weigh-in as usual. That feels a little weird.
  • Maintenance: It's funny how quickly you get used to eating a certain amount of food. Whether it's 19 points a day or 24, the body adapts. Boy, how I've adapted!
  • Coffee: I'm actually thinking of getting a decaf this morning. Maybe fauxcoffee isn't that bad.

1 comment:

Julie said...

I would love to try yoga and kayak but I think I may wait...

I just read your police escort story frigging hilarious!!

Have a good fun weekend!