Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Curves Monthly Measurement – July

I've started the week out right by going to Curves last night. It wasn't hard to convince myself to go as I always like my weigh and measure day.

Since starting Curves, I've lost:
  • 25.75 inches
  • 26.0 pounds
  • 5.2% body fat
I'm happy to see that body fat percentage down a lot more. Like last month, I've been slacking on going to Curves so I wasn't expecting it to go down much. But it did anyways so I'm thinking maybe I wasn't hydrated enough the last time. The other interesting figure is the inches lost. I went back through the previous months and compared inches to pounds. On average, I lose 1 inch for every pound. That's very encouraging! When I'm upset about "only a pound," I should remind myself that I've also lost an inch somewhere, too!

That said, the inches lost aren't very much compared to last month. But I think I know why. I made the mistake of walking to Curves. The distance wasn't all that far (3.5k) but it was the lack of shade and the 30 degree weather that did me in. I guzzled water all the way there, but still arrived red faced, headache-y and extremely hot. I spent a good 20 minutes in the change room trying to cool down enough to be able to stand without passing out. Even still, I felt extremely puffy when I went for the weigh-in. Like a popcorn bag, I expand exponentially when I get hot.

I took it very easy on the circuit, too as I felt like I'd pass out whenever I worked a bit too hard. This morning I still have a headache so I'm thinking I might've given myself a bit of heatstroke. So why on earth did I walk to Curves? That's another post I'm afraid!


Ro said...

Great stats! And I like the boardgame idea at Curves, good idea to keep you motivated! Can I ask, how do you calculate your inches lost...what body parts are taken into consideration? I've been measuring my waist, bust, rib cage, hips, thighs, and arms...lol, that seems like a lot now that I've written it out :-) But never thought to total up inches lost.

TinyTrim said...

Thanks! I appreciate it!

I let Curves do the measuring because I'm kinda lazy :D

This is what they measure:

* Bust
* Waist
* Abdomen
* Hips
* Thighs
* Arms

They calculate the difference between the first time you were measured and the most current measurement. The difference is the total amount lost. I like the total better than the breakdown. Keeps me from obsessing why my bust isn't going down! :D

Jenera Healy said...

Man, those are awesome stats! The inches lost alone are great! That shows better than the weight what a great job you've been doing. But I would not recommend walking again in that weather, points or no points.