Friday, July 20, 2007

Reality Check

I saw an old friend today who said that I looked like I lost a lot of weight. She didn't actually compliment me, just said it like it was a fact. Even after I acknowledged it, thanked her and said I was going to Weight Watchers, she didn't congratulate me or otherwise indicate how well I'd done.

Hehe, lookit me and expecting all awesome compliments all the time! She's a nice person so I don't think it was done out of spite or anything like that. I think it's funny that I've been accustomed to getting nice comments whenever my weight comes up. It's a nice reality check; I shouldn't get too complacent!

Regardless, I'm taking it as a compliment and logging this one as an NSV!


Leslie said...

It's funny how different people treat your weight loss. Not that I've had the comments yet, but I imagine some people will be thrilled for me and some may be jealous that I'm getting so gorgeous and hot :)

Totally a NSV - awesome!

Kitty said...

maybe a bit jealous?