Saturday, July 14, 2007

Twenty-third Weigh-in

I'm down another 1.6 lbs, which means I've broken the 30 lb mark and it's time for more charm shopping!! It's a little disappointing though that my 25 lb charm still hasn't come in the mail yet. Here's hoping it comes soon as I've been really wanting to add it to my bracelet!

It also seems that I've broken my pattern. If you look at my Weight Watchers Weight Tracker, you'll see that I go down 5lbs every fourth weigh-in. Basically, 5 lbs per month. This time, I lost 5 lbs in three weeks. Go figure!

The meeting was a bit quiet today but still good as always. It was about plateaus and what advice we would give to someone experiencing one. Things like exercise more, go back to basics, start tracking again, watch portion control, switch things around, and so on. The quote our leader gave us in relation to this was especially appropriate:
Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer, but wish we didn't."

Hehe, I've been on the asking end many times, and it's so true!

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Jenera Healy said...

Yeah for you! That is an impressive milestone to hit! I'm almost to my 20 lb one so i'm excited!

Keep up the good work!