Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Finally got to Curves

Boy have I been slacking lately. I haven't been to Curves in over two weeks! But I got my bum in gear last night and finally went. I didn't want to go; I was in that its-been-so-long-why-bother? funk. As always, I'm glad I showed up. There had been some minor changes to the circuit which made it a refreshing go 'round. They were also playing music I hadn't heard before which is always a plus. And lastly, the good employee was there. She's the one that's genuinely friendly, but not pushy or condescending. The bad employee was there, too, but she was cleaning so I managed to avoid her.

This week I've again pledged to get to Curves three times. I know there's at least one busy night this week so I'm planning around it by going again tonight. Although they say you should wait a day between strength training, I've used that excuse too much to avoid going. Better to go than not go, right? I've got my gym stuff laid out so I can nip out the door with little fuss when I get home.

As finances are a little tight these days, my reward will require no money - I'll take an afternoon for myself this weekend so that I can work on some needlework.

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