Saturday, July 14, 2007

My Virtual Model

Virtual models are so much fun. They've been popping up everywhere. You can customize them according to height, weight, and so on. When they first came out, a lot of us over at the WW forums used them to simulate weight loss. Now, Prevention Magazine has come out with an actual weight loss simulator which will show two models side by side. Here's mine:

Pretty neat, eh? I also like to fiddle with the weight to see what I'll look like at certain milestones. And, like many virtual models, you can play dress up with your model - Prevention gives you an assortment of bathing suits to try on that help minimize trouble spots like busts, bums, and so on.

My Virtual Model appears to be behind all of these apps springing up as they're very similar. You can visit MVM to create your own model and try on some of the clothing they offer, or you can visit one of the many web sites that feature model apps. Fortunately, there's many stores like Sears and Lands' End that carry plus sized clothing for virtual models. But for weight loss simulation, you can't beat Prevention's method.

Oh, and I'll let you in on a little "eep!" secret. When I first started playing around with virtual models, my model would only fit in plus-sized clothing. When I redid my model at MVM's site just now...they've put me in regular-sized clothing. Eep!

Something I didn't realize about MVM's service. You can actually add your model to your web site. Check out the widget in the right-hand column of my blog.


Ro said...

Very cool...I'm off to create my model now!

ms.wantab said...

HI there, I'm did made my own models and posted them on my blog, but I can't get them side by side. Can I ask you how you did that?