Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dentist appointments rock (sometimes)

My husband and I went to our dentist's this morning to have our teeth cleaned. Dr. B., our dentist, is awesome and we've been going there for years. A new hygienist went over my file and asked me if anything big had happened with my health since last time I was in. You bet your bottom dollar that I told her about my weight loss! She was excited for me, and kept asking me questions all through the cleaning. What I ate, what I did for exercise, if I was hungry all the time, and so on.

When Dr. B. came in to check my teeth mid-clean, he said "What's going on here? You're looking very trim!" Trim indeed! I'm finally living up to my namesake! He went on to ask me if I had meant to lose the weight (because he's always afraid to ask in case someone lost weight due to sickness) and then enthusiastically congratulated me and said I looked very good. I told him I had cut my hair and gotten new glasses, too. After our appointments, my husband told me that Dr. B. had also mentioned it to him – that I was like a totally different person! Woot! :) :) :)

Hehe, now why can't that get me out of the three fillings I need??


Ro said...

That's awesome...way to go! Isn't it a fantastic feeling when someone notices your weight loss? And kudos to the doctor to ask gingerly whether you meant to lose the weight...very thoughtful.

Sounds like you've got a great dentist there :-) And an attentive one too!!

Sonya said...

Yahoo...that's awesome..It just have felt so good!