Saturday, July 21, 2007

Twenty-fourth Weigh-in

This would have to be my most spectacularly awful weigh-in to date, if one were to gauge success by the number on the scale. Yup. I'm up 1.8 lbs. Hehe. Ironic that I was talking about complacency, wasn't it?

But, I'm not overly worried. The reason for a gain can be explained by a few things. First, I wore jeans instead of the very light capris that I did last week. I know you're supposed to wear the same thing every week for consistency, but I was rushed and not thinking. I've also been battling a minor stomach bug that's been causing me some bloating, general tummy aches, and well, not being able to pass things as quickly as usual. And those aside, I've lost an awful lot of weight lately and my body could be just adjusting. And then again, my vacation could've finally caught up with me ;)

However, I know I've been on plan since, so as slightly disappointing as this weigh-in is, I'll just continue on doing as I have been doing. That's the most important part! That, and my old sweatpants are fitting loose again.


Lynn said...

Hey there - just chalk it up to a bad week and move on. In general you're doing so well and one bad WI shouldn't let you forget how far you've come! Who knows, maybe next weeks WI will be a bigger one due to this gain! Hope you have a great week!

Leslie said...

Isn't this your first gain on plan?? That's amazing in itself, so just keep being the good ww-er you are and betcha see a big loss next week!!

Kristen said...

Ahhh yes, so many factors to consider. Sometimes your body needs a small gain in order to keep losing though. I bet you'll have an awesome WI next week!

TinyTrim said...

Thanks for your support everyone!

This is actually my second gain. I had a tiddle somewhere near the beginning of my journey.

As I said, I'm not overly upset about it. I know the gain can be explained by any number of things. Thankfully one of those things doesn't include being off plan!