Monday, July 2, 2007

Happy, happy day!

I had a fabulous day yesterday, not only did I pull off a great dinner (a non-scale victory unto itself), but I also had two more NSVs! First, was clothing-related. I did the 3k HBC Walk for Canada yesterday. They provided technical shirts as part of the registration fee. I was worried the women's XL wouldn't fit me, but it did! The second NSV came when a friend told me she had been meaning to mention just how slim I'd been looking, that I looked slimmer every time she saw me. Woot!

As the drunk and disheveled woman remarked to us as we were walking home from the fireworks last night, "Happy, happy day!"

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Jenera Healy said...

How wonderful that people are noticing and that you are feeling the effects. Putting on that smaller size must sure be a good feeling!

I know that when I won't have to worry about finding things in such a big size, I'll be so happy!