Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I. Love. The. Biggest. Loser.

I've been meaning to write about it ever since it started, but now I finally have to say it. I love the Biggest Loser show. It's unbelievably inspiring to see all these people working hard at losing weight. Though it's difficult to watch sometimes (seeing backstabbing and heartache), the "how are they doing now" segments at the end of each show are great to watch. You're sad that someone was voted off, but wow, look at them now!

And tonight's show was beyond awesome. I just loved seeing the makeovers and the reunions with loved ones. That rocked so much. My husband and I both were sitting there bawling our eyes out because it was so touching.

***Warning: Spoilers ahead!****

The only thing half sucky about the show was that they voted Kae off. Kae has been my absolute favourite. Of all of the contestants, she's been the most inspiring to me. Not only because of her size, but her determination and focus. If only we could all be like Kae every week! Though I hated to see her voted off, I loved seeing her transformation at the end of the show. Wow. She looks absolutely fabulous. Between that and her reunion with Bob, my husband and I were bawling again. Hot damn what a great show!


Wheebs said...

Last night's show was great. They all look so good!

Leslie said...

Totally agree!! I tape it on the PVR and usually watch the end transformations over and over again.... SOOO inspiring.. and although my husband *hates* reality shows, he does watch this one with me and even he was crying last night :)

They're also running *The Biggest Loser Australia* on Slice.. have you seen that one? They just started it last week... I see it as a second helping of inspiration every week :)

Sonya said...

I agree I love the show too, but haven't watched it for about a month because I've been working and my darn VCR doesn't work. Gurrr.