Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hand me my violin

Well, I'm back at work, still sick, still oughter not be here, but there's yet another deadline. And I'm the only one here who can work on this particular project. So, I've spent my day infecting my keyboard, picking apart HTML templates and generally wanting to be at home with another bowl of KD and a tiny violin.

I had a near thing at lunch time when I went to get some wonton soup and saw they had spicy fried chicken on the menu. Can you say yum? When I'm better and my stomach is more settled, I need to arrange a (chaperoned) date with Colonel Sanders. says I can, so I think I'm going to follow that advice.

1 comment:

amma15 said...

well I personally would rather have wonton soup over spicy fried chicken, but that's just me....