Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Shopping in your own closet is awesome

There's been this pair of black jeans kicking around in the bottom of our drawers for a long time now. I thought they were my husband's. He used to complain that his black jeans were too tight and so stopped wearing them. Since he's lost about 8 lbs since I started WW, I told him to go try them on this morning. That's when I hear from the bedroom, "Honey, these say women's cut on them."

Sure enough they were! They'd been around so long, I'd forgotten they were mine. I assumed they'd be too tight for me (after all, they'd been around much longer than I've been fat) and almost put them back in the drawer to wait for thinner times. On a whim, I slipped them on, did them up, and found they were a bit too loose. Eeeeheeeheee!

I now have a pair of serviceable black jeans. I don't know whether I'm more excited that they're loose or that I don't have to go pants shopping!


Wheebs said...

Oh man, that's the best! Enjoy your "new" pair of pants!

Sonya said...

lol...that's awesome!

amma15 said...

AWESOME!!! I'm also losing weight, I've lost about 25lbs so far, check my blog out sometime and welcome to my blogroll!

Leslie said...

wow!! that's SO fun!!! Good for you :)

Anonymous said...

It certainly is awesome. I have a pair of pants that I bought ages ago hanging in my closet and I hope I'll be able to wear them soon.

PS I love your bracelet charms:)