Friday, November 30, 2007

Mothers-in-law, snow and orchestral music

What a long day and I'm glad it's over with. I'm still sick (insert violin music here) but had to go into work again (more violin). Fortunately, I was allowed to go home early (orchestral upswing) but had to do errands all afternoon (violin again).

To top it off, I had to do the dinner thing with my mother-in-law on account of it being her birthday (tuba section in d-flat). Though she did compliment me nicely on my weight loss (apparently I'm looking rather "trim") she almost took the conversation into full on uncomfortable diet conversation talk. She doesn't quite understand obesity and tends to make really uninformed and ignorant comments. Fortunately, her longtime boyfriend saw where she was going, squashed it like a bug and changed topics like a pro. Gosh I love him (1812 overture with cannons).

I'm finally at home now, in my PJs, a cup of hot chocolate in hand, and an eye to the window, waiting for the snow to come. I know most of Canada hates snow, but I absolutely love it. *insert clappy happy dance here* I'm hoping the roads will be clear enough tomorrow for my weigh-in and that my chest will cooperate enough to let me go outside and get some snow on TinyTrim action (walking in a winter wonderland)(with cannons).

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Sonya said...

that was one cute post!

Good luck on your weigh in.

I'm with you on the snow thing. I love it too. I must say I hate the the bitter cold though.