Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sensible KD

I'm sick again. Just like last time, the Kraft Dinner came out of the cupboard and said "eat me!" Yesterday, while I was ensconced on the couch, covered with two comforters, two cats, and a roll of toilet paper, my husband was in the kitchen cooking up a box of it for me. After the water had boiled, he said, "I'm going to make it according to the 'sensible' directions, okay?"

I'm embarrassed to say that my first thought was "@&%# dang it!" I was actually hoping he'd make it using the half a pound of butter method and screw any suggestion of "sensible." LOL. But, I wisely said nothing because, sick or not, the "sensible" choice would be better for me.

This morning I'm feeling better, but I've kept myself at home lest I infect my coworkers. (A sensible decision.) I've had a sensible breakfast of a scrambled egg, whole grain toast and a mandarin orange. And for lunch later, I see that in the fridge there are very sensible pre-portioned containers of sensible KD.


Sonya said...

i see a sensible container of KD in my cupboard myself right now, and now I think I'll eat it! lol... only 4pts...I think I'll be okay.

I hope you get better soon!
take care

Wheebs said...

Hahaha...too cute about the "sensible" KD. Good choice though :)