Saturday, November 3, 2007

Thirty-nineth Weigh-in

I didn't deserve it, but there it is. I'm down 1.8 lbs this week. Well...maybe I deserved it a little. I've been pretty hard on myself this last week – not only did I not feed myself well, but I also beat myself up pretty badly about it.

However, in spite of it all, I did manage to pull myself out of it. I could've let the whole week go. I wanted to let the whole week go. It would've been easy to say "well, you blew this week, let's wait to start over next week." But I didn't give into that...and so...perhaps...a little credit is deserved along with a good stern talking to. I almost feel like a teenager whose spectacularly bad decision (let's use mom's credit card to go to Vegas for the weekend!) ended better than it should have – with a "thank goodness you're safe" from mom and a year's worth of hard chores.

Though I no longer live with mom, I have been served a punishment of sorts. My loss this week puts me into the 150s (yay!) but it also means I've lost a daily allowance point (awwww, moooom!). Normally losing a point is a celebration, but I've been getting less excited about it. Whoohoo, I get to eat less!

My loss also means that I've lost another 5lbs. I received a star at my meeting and now I'm shopping for new charms for my bracelet. I never actually got around to buying a charm for my last five pounds, so I'm rectifying that. Maybe by the time they arrive, I'll feel a little more deserving of the latest charm.

Lastly, thanks very much for everyone's kind words of support. You're absolutely right. If this was supposed to be easy, we'd all be on the beach by now sipping margaritas in our scanty polka-dot bikinis :)

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