Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Progress Pictures: 60lbs

I thought it was about time to crawl out from under my shy rock and post some progress pics. I even screwed up the courage to go digging for old unflattering shots. I found a doozy, too.

On the left is me wearing a shirt that I shouldn't have ever tried on. Mr. Trim, bless him, had bought it for me in the largest babydoll size he could get. I put it on because it was a Christmas present and bravely let it all hang out. Literally. It was one of my more embarrassing "overweight" moments.

On the right...that's me today, 60 lbs lighter. Wearing the same shirt I swore I'd never wear again after that fateful Christmas. I'm looking pretty hot in it, too. I have neck things!!!

And the cookbook I'm holding? I received it the same day as the shirt. I found it this evening while I was clearing out some clutter and tossed it on the donation pile. Then I found that old picture of me and I knew it was a sign.

After Mr. Trim took my picture tonight, the cookbook went back into the donation box. The shirt and my new look...well those I'm keeping :)


JessiesBlog said...

OH MY GOD!!! Look at you lady!!! you look soooooooo great!!
is that??? noooo it cant bee.... is it a??? nooo forget it... ok I'm just gonna ask!! IS THAT A WAIST I SEE?????? you look sooo great!! I love how you re-inact each picture!! so great!

eSpaces said...

wow! just.. wow!

candlerun (htabby) said...

You look amazing. LOVE the pic! :)

Just what those neck things called anyways... lol

tkdchick said...

Wow! You look great and are such an inspiration!!!

Julie said...

You look amazing!!
You should be so proud of having neck things!! LOL
You did great and should be so proud of yourself.

Anonymous said...


you look amazing. Not only thinner, but younger.

Anonymous said...

All your gress pics are FANTASTIC and very encouraging to a newbie dieter + blogger -- I'm glad I clicked on the archives for your "progress pics".