Thursday, April 24, 2008

Coming up for air and makeup

Why does everything have to happen in one week? It's like some personal Murphy's Law that follows me around. Busy week? Let's add more!

Work is crazy. We're full out on a project with a tight deadline. There's tonnes of 10k stuff happening (training runs, shopping, dinner making, package pickups). The cat had to go to the vet yesterday and now needs to have medicine and cleaning twice daily (don't worry, he's okay). Plus, Mr. Trim and I have been trying to find time to clean and decorate between all of this so our place looks presentable to guests and the realtor coming over tonight. Was I up till 11:30 last night stuffing things in cupboards? Why yes I was!


And yes, I know I ought not to be blogging. And I shouldn't have waited three years to start decorating. But it helps to whine :)

So all this is going on and I'm thinking that there's just no way I can get to this Clinique sale that Pegger and PM have told me about. I convinced myself out of it until I saw the flyer for it today. Now I totally want to drop everything and get girlified. To heck with the house! Hopefully there's enough of the bonus gifts left on Saturday morning because that's the only conceivable time I can get there.

In slightly related news...I've been cleaning my face and moisturizing every day. I missed a few here and there, but in general I've been keeping up with it. Though my pores are still huge and that silly sunspot is still taunting me, I think my face has been looking somewhat better. Or at the very least, not oily. Yay for doing girl things!

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amma15 said...

yea girl things can put you in a good mood. I took oneof those hour and a half personalized makeup courses with Mac so I can actually know how to wear make up and make it look good. It's awesome and worth every penny-it's amazing what good makeup can do to your confidence.