Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sammies...a greasy little high-point sandwich

I finally tried one of Quiznos' "Sammie" sandwiches - the Chicken Bacon Ranch. Not worth it at all. Not only are they tiny, they pack a lot of calories and fat into such a small package. The best guess I have is 7 points for a sandwich the size of a small taco.

I'm estimating because Quiznos Canada doesn't have nutritional information. I eventually found the NI for a similar sandwich on the American site which is what I'm basing my estimation on. 310 calories, 26g fat, and 1g fibre.

Was the sandwich tasty? I suppose I would've found it yummy once upon a time. Nowadays it isn't anywhere near tasty enough to merit spending that many points on it. I have it marked in my points tracker as "never again."

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