Thursday, April 17, 2008

Running through some quick updates

There's been so much I've been wanting to talk about lately that I might as well point-form it.
  • Thanks so much for your kind comments on my most recent progress pics. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside :)
  • Also, thanks to everyone and their comments/suggestions about the Mysteries of Makeup. PM, since you and Pegger are all suggesting Clinique, that'll be my next purchase.
  • We did a 10k trial run last night, following the same route as the upcoming race. It went very well and we're in good form for race day. That's me in my running gear by the way. Mr. Trim says I look "fast." I love Mr. Trim :)
  • I tried a WATP exercise video for the first time in months. Where before I was puffing and wheezing through it, it was ridiculously easy. Never under-estimate the power of Bootcamp!
  • I ordered a cute little tote from L.L Bean as my 60 lbs lost reward. I'm hoping it'll help me bring a lunch to work more often instead of going to Subway so much. Not that there's anything wrong with Subway. It just gets expensive if you go there five days a week.
There's more that I've been thinking about, but I'll leave those for other posts. Specifically, I'm starting to put a great deal of thought into goal and beyond. And what I'm going to do to celebrate reaching it. There's lots to think about!


Julie said...

You look great in this pic!!
I always wanted to try a WATP video, but never got around to it.
It's so great that you breezed thru it!!

Leanne (PM) said...

You do look fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Good luck at the clinique counter!!

JessiesBlog said...

hahahah You do look fast!! and fantastic!!

I say you plan a vacation for when you hit goal!!

Your doing great!!!