Thursday, April 3, 2008

Rice in the valley

Today at work we had lunch brought it from a Mexican restaurant. I was so good. I only took a small slice of a burrito and savoured it as slowly as I could. Unfortunately, some rice fell out, down my shirt and into my bra.

If I was at home, I would've immediately shoved my hand in there and fished it out. I briefly considered doing it anyways, but my coworkers are so straight-laced I don't think they even know what cleavage is.

So I sat there for half an hour until I could make a break for the washroom. Retrieving cold sticky rice from your cleavage never felt so good.


Leanne (PM) said...

Hey TT..

That is funny. I am the same way. If I was with my girlfriends, I would have laughed it off and moved to the washroom.

On work lunches, I almost feel like I can not leave. Like I am glued to the seat.

Hope all is well with you!!!!

candlerun (htabby) said...

The rice down by the girls gave me good laugh. Soooo uncomfortable! I hate that when that happens. :)

Good job with the weight loss! You are so close now. Wooo Hooo!

JessiesBlog said...

HAHAHAHAH... Thats hilarious!
I bet you didnt enjoy any conversations going on, we're you even paying attention?? LOL

Heather said...

lol...been there before.

I remember being in the movie theater once and losing popcorn down there...I fished it right out...the guy in the next seat had a nice eyefull I'm sure.

Lisa aka water_nymph said...

LOL!!!! too funny!!!

eSpaces said...

been there done that. I swear my boobs are food catchers more than anything. I once dropped an entire sushi roll down my shirt.. now THAT was embarrassing. My DF offered to fish it out for me to make matters worse!!