Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Server: 1, TinyTrim: 0

Please tell me that tomorrow is Friday. This week at work isn't going very well.

I just got back from an emergency trip to retrieve a server that died. When removing it from the rack, it fell and pinched my finger something fierce. My finger is all tingly and an interesting shade of red and white. The loss of sensation is currently a blessing in disguise because it looks like it'll hurt like a sonnuva when the feeling comes back.

In other news, the running clinic is going very well. My team and I did a homework run last night and it felt really good. It's hard to believe we're up to running 8:1 intervals now. Tomorrow at the clinic we'll be doing 9:1 intervals for the first time. It's also "crazy sock night" and we're hoping to win a prize. Wish us luck!

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Lisa aka water_nymph said...

good luck!!!!! hope the finger feels better soon!!