Thursday, May 22, 2008

Born to be Wild

We have the most adorable scooter. I haven't ridden him in the past two years because 204 lbs on the poor little thing was pushing it. I'd be lucky if I got up to 50 clicks. Throughout this past year I kept saying "maybe at X weight I won't feel embarrassed to be seen riding..." But there was never any time when I knew it was the "right" time.

That time finally came. We brought the scooter out of storage two weeks ago, had him at the shop for a complete tune-up, and today was finally a nice enough day that I could take him out into the sunshine.

Mr. Trim was kind enough to take photos of the excursion. He followed me around in the car till we found a nice place. Do I look like a biker chick in my new leather jacket? LOL! Also, who knew the scooter could get up to 60k an hour??? Haha, oh dear. Well, I won't feel badly riding him now :)

Finally, my "I'm too sexy for this scooter" pose. Really, I am too sexy ;)

It's so good to be out riding again :) :) :)


Julie said...

Congrats on a great NSV. Good for you for finally feeling good about riding it.
You look so hot...I'm sure the Hell Angels are looking for new members! LOL
Honestly, your scooter is the nicest I seen around I love that color!!

Tiffa said...

Awesome! Are those things good on gas? And what kind of liscense do you need to drive one?? My bf and I just went back to only one car (his old Neon finally died) and I'm having trouble adjusting!

Lisa aka water_nymph said...


i want one really really badly..but am also holding out until i'm at least 150lbs..

you looked smoookin'!!!


Kristen said...

NICE, and I love the jacket!! Great NSV!!