Thursday, May 8, 2008

Wii Fit is coming, get your preorder on

For those of you with Wii consoles, don't forget that Wii Fit is coming in the next few weeks out on May 21st. Wii Fit looks really fun, engaging, and a perfect gadget for the health-conscious. Anything that combines health and fitness with video games is super-fun-awesome in my books. Check out the above link for a video of how it works.

If you haven't preordered it, do it now. There's a huge ground-swell of interest in this game and I predict it's going to be hard to come by for the first few months of release. This is compounded by the fact that the game comes with a peripheral. Games with peripherals are notorious for being unable to keep up with demand. Guitar Hero and DDR for the Wii are perfect examples of this.

So if you haven't done it yet, get on the phone and ask around to see if there's any stores doing preorders. For anyone curious, I was able to get my preorder from EB Games a few months back. More screenshots and news can be found at IGN. Can't wait!


Julie said...

I am so jealous... I want a Wii so bad..Now even worse because of Wii fit.

Jenera said...

We got the Wii a few weeks ago and I love it-it really kicks your butt. I want this game or the Mario Kart so I think I'm going to tell my hubby he has to save up for it for our anniversary in August.

Sarah said...

Mario Kart is a blast. I'm on the pre order for Wii Fit. I'm am interested in the yoga.