Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sixty-seventh Weigh-in

I guess eating more has been agreeing with me. I'm down another .8 lbs this week. I had a panic moment at the scale when my regular receptionist said that I had only 1.4 lbs to go. Yikes! I know it's been close for awhile, but this is getting extremely close.

At the meeting, I had nice chats with a bunch of regular members. First, I told one fellow that he really needed new pants. I couldn't help but notice just how baggy they'd become when he stepped on the scale. His sister then said that they'd been telling him for weeks the same thing and hopefully my comment would inspire him to finally get around to it, haha!

I also spoke with a fantastically inspiring lady who's been at goal for a few months now and we both encouraged each other to sign up for the marathon in October. We're going to check in with each other in a few weeks to see if we actually did it.

The rest of my day was full of birthday fun, but that's another post. I'm actually writing this the day after and am getting ready to work off some birthday cake. I'll write more later about my Clinique appointment, my new iPod nano, my soon to be purchased Nike+, and my scooter. Yes, scooter. Two wheels, gas engine, goes "meep!" and all that :)


Lisa aka water_nymph said...

OMG OMG !!! A SCOOTER??? ok seriously, this is my "secret" goal prezzie to me!! wow !! just LOOK AT YOU!!!

1.4..can't wait! i'm soo excited for you!

Julie said...

great loss! You are very close!!!
That's too funny about the pants I used to get told that all time.
I can't wear to hear about your scooter! LOL