Thursday, May 29, 2008

Goal and Beyond: Planning for Goal Day

Though I've already decided on my ultimate reward, I'd like to do something special on the day I actually achieve goal. Between my cold and worrying about the ache in my side, it's been hard to focus on anything else. However, since goal can happen any weigh-in now (even this weekend, eep!), I've had to get my act in gear and finally put together a list last night.

So here it is. My list of things to do on goal day.
  1. Powerslide. With majesty. Additionally, jump, dance, laugh, cry.
  2. Attach the last charm to my bracelet.
  3. Go shopping for summer attire and a "goal" outfit.
  4. Book a day at the spa.
  5. Sign up for the half marathon
  6. Cook (or plan for if I'm too tired after shopping) a celebration dinner consisting of special low-fat recipes picked from my favourite cookbook.
The shopping trip will also include Mr. Trim as a participant. He's lost at least 10 lbs by proxy since I started Weight Watchers. He's become much more aware of his health and wellness along the way and has been exercising, too. Isn't that absolutely fantastic? I'm really really proud of him.

As he's also been with me through thick and (now) thin, I think he deserves new duds, too. Thank goodness he adores clothes shopping!


Maggie's Blog said...

Hi there,
Just found your blog through the ww board. Great job, very inspiring to see your pictures and read about your journey. I am the same height, so really hit home for me.

Do you mind if I add your link to my blog?
Great job, Margaret

TinyTrim said...

Thanks for visiting! Please feel free to link to me, I'd be honoured. I did try to look at your blog but it appears to not be on your profile :(