Friday, May 30, 2008

Sick, on the couch, and reading blogs

I'm home from work today. I've come down sick with a cold and it t'aint leaving me alone. So I'm cuddled up on the couch with my notebook and am FINALLY getting around to reading the huge backlog of blogs that I've been missing.

I'm really very sorry that it's taken me so long, but I do hope y'all know you're always in my heart. And hopefully know that I've been so busy it's taken a sick day for me to get some time to actually relax.

I also saw a new number on the scale this morning. I don't want to jinx it but....well, I don't want to jinx it. We'll see what tomorrow brings :)


Victoria's Place said...

Sorry your not feeling well. Rest and relax and hopefully you will be better soon. What are you reading? I hope the scale is continues to be kind!

Julie said...

I hope you feel better soon!!
I was wondering why I had not heard from you and then today all the lovely comments from you! LOL
Thanks so much for encouraging me.

goodbyetoallfat said...

Best wished for a speedy recovery.

Although sometimes a day of rest is very welcome to catch up with blogs and books!

Best wishes,

Tanya said...

Feel better soon. Thanks for the message on my blog it was really sweet