Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cholesterol test result

So it's taken me six months to get the results, but here goes...


My bad cholesterol went down and it's now in the normal range. Woot!

I've been googling the numbers and while they're not positively "great" according to the internet they're much better than what they were. But who cares what the internet says - my doctor is really pleased, so I am too!

I'd be interested to see what the levels look like now after all this extra healthy eating and exercising I've been doing. Yay for normal cholesterol!

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Anonymous said...

Well done, that is fantastic news. Last year my Dad was diagnosed with *slightly* high cholestrol and his doctor wanted to put him on medication (as my Dad is 76) but my Dad really doesn't want to take weird chemicals that he is not sure about, so he changed his diet and got his cholestrol down without the pills.

My Dad is perfectly slim by the way (unlike me) and was not that unhealthy -- but because he has always been fit and active he has allowed himself over the years to eat a quite a bit of chocolate and he used to use a full fat butter spread, not thinking about his cholestrol levels (which are hidden and silent) when on the outside it looked like he was fit, slim and healthy.