Sunday, May 25, 2008

I love Wii Fit and so does my cat

Mr. Trim and I have been Wii Fitting since last Wednesday. It is really a lot of fun. Except maybe when the cute little scale reveals your Wii Fit age, hehe.

So far, I like the running game the best. You get to run around a virtual outdoor path and see all sorts of Miis from your Mii Channel running around, too. The more you run, the more you unlock. Apparently, there's an entire island to explore.

I also quite like the yoga and the strength training. The yoga is soothing yet challenging. The strength training is just challenging. The game keeps calling me "unbalanced" and I hope it's not referring to my mental state.

The personal trainers are pretty nifty too, expect for the creepy fact that their lips don't move. I went with the girl and Mr. Trim went with the guy. Though you can't physically rename them, we've nicknamed them "Bob" and "Jillian." I'm still waiting for Jillian to yell at me and/or threaten to rip my arm off and beat me with it, but I don't think she has it in her. Maybe if she gets her mouth un-sewn, she can really get into some beatdowns like her namesake.

Lastly, the cat really likes Wii Fit as you can see below. Either that, or he really likes the exercise mat which puts him a towering 1-inch higher above the ground. For the record, trying to do the jackknife exercise with a cat on your stomach does not (surprisingly) help. At all.


goodbyetoallfat said...

I haven't got a Wii fit, but am going to try shifting my bulk by simple walking. Was impressed to come across your blog and find you are near to your goal, having lost nearly 70 lbs! Well done!

I am right at the start of my journey, but glad to find inspiration from successful dieters.

Best wishes,

Julie said...

It sounds sooo fun. I can't stop dreaming I will get a Wii one day.

Jenera said...

I'm hoping to get Wii Fit for my birthday in a couple of months. I've already told the hubby that is what he is getting me.

Limegirl said...

I <3 Wii Fit! Thankfully the cats leave me alone when I'm doing jack knifes, otherwise I'd be hooped.

Nice to see a fellow WWer off the WW boards!