Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Captain Underpants, part II

A few days ago I told my husband that he needed to start keeping a close eye on his underwear again. In my skinnier days, I'd steal a pair of his when I couldn't find clean ones of my own. But alas, as I became heavier, I could no longer grab a pair in emergencies and was forced to do laundry more often. But now that I'm lighter again...

Guess what I'm wearing today?

*wiggles eyebrows*

Why yes, you, too, as part of your weight loss journey, can achieve this non-scale victory. Being able to fit in your skinny-assed significant other's whitey tighties. Go me!

*strikes superhero pose*

But why in tarnation are these things baggy in the front?


JessiesBlog said...

LMAO! Thats awesome!!

JessiesBlog said...
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