Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Charms: 50lbs and 55lbs

My new charms are in! Mr. Trim is getting fancy with the photography; I just love this photo.

Here are the meanings of my new charms:
  • Airplane (50 lbs): I'm amazed at just how far this journey of mine has taken me. I've traveled so far. Not just in clothing sizes, but in self-esteem, confidence and a desire to see and try new things.
  • Umbrella (55 lbs): We can weather anything if we have the right tools and support. Persistence, patience, and forgiveness – rain or shine!
I'm now down to three blank links left. Two links for the next ten pounds and one link for goal. I don't think it could've worked out any more perfectly!


JessiesBlog said...

What a great idea! That bracelet is looking fantasic! You are truly an inspiration!
Great job Tiny! hehehe

Julie said...

Nice idea!!
I think you deserve everyone of those charms.
It's very nice!

Anonymous said...

That is so incredibly cool!