Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New Find: Barlean's Cinnamon Flax Oil

I've been meaning to write about this oil ever since Mr. Trim had his wisdom teeth out. It's cinnamon-flavoured flaxseed oil made by Barlean's and it's awesome in a bottle. I bought it to jazz up the nutrition of his smoothies and wound up falling in love with it.

I know regular flaxseed oil is more versatile, but the cinnamon flavour is so clean and delicious that I can't imagine a smoothie without it now. Plus, I get in one of my servings of healthy oils earlier in the day which is always a bonus.

The oil is also organic and made with all-natural cinnamon flavouring. I can't compare price with other oils as this is the first time I've bought flax oil. It was about $15 and worth every penny.

To find Barlean's in your area, you'll have to send them an email (if you're in Canada), or use their store locater if you're from the US.

Bonus prize for US readers: you can send away for free samples. Yes, I'm jealous.

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