Monday, March 24, 2008

Review: Salsa Chicken

I tried out a new crockpot recipe the other day – Slow-cooker Salsa Chicken courtesy of Julie of New Start~New Life. All I can say is: YUM! Okay, I'll say a bit more. It was super easy to put together and the sauce was divine. I followed the recipe with a couple of modifications: I used Cream of Chicken soup instead as well as fat-free sour cream.

Both my husband and I loved it. In fact, it'll become a standby in our household because it's more than worth the minimal amount of effort involved. Thanks a million, Julie!

Yum! Rich spicy taco-flavoured sauce with fall-apart chicken


JessiesBlog said...

MMMMM... I'm drooling just looking at that picture!
It looks so good!
Oh and Congrats on completing your bootcamp!! Whats next??

Julie said...

You're welcome!! LOL
I'm really glad you enjoyed it. I liked it as well. I love chicken so anyway that is different is always good.